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ISSN 2426-5268
The website of the Montesquieu Law Review Project at the
Université de Bordeaux, France

The Montesquieu Law Review is an ambitious, innovative and unique project arising
from the activities of the Forum Montesquieu in the field of the internationalisation
of French law and its dissemination in English.

The Law Review is a quarterly publication comprising two general issues and two
special issues, all of which shall be free to download or read on this website
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NEW! Montesquieu Law Review Special issue 6, December 2017: available to download! Key Text: Translation of Portalis' 'Preliminary Address' (1801) NEW! Are you interested in submitting an article to the Montesquieu Law Review?    All copies of the Montesquieu Law Review are available free as downloadable back numbers from our Law Review Page   Coming soon: December 2017: Law Review No. 8