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Links of Interest

Forum Montesquieu
Website of the Forum Montesquieu, a centre for social and legal initiatives in the regional community.

Université de Bordeaux
The main website of the Université de Bordeaux, listing courses, locations and more...

 www.u-bordeaux.fr/ (French)
 www.u-bordeaux.com/ (English)
IdEx Bordeaux
The main website (in French) for the University of Bordeaux's Excellence Initiative. Find details of the Initiative, the various laboratories and research units and more.

Investissements d'avenir
The main website (in French) for the French Government's Investissements d'avenir programme, which supports the University of Bordeaux's Excellence Initiative. Find information on the programme, facts, figues, calls for proposals and more.

The Conseil d'Etat
The main website (also available in English) for the Conseil d'Etat, France's highest administrative court. Find information on the Conseil's work, structure and case law.

The Constitutional Council
The main website (also available in English) for France's Constitutional Council, the highest authority in constitutional matters. Find information on the Council's role, work, structure and notable case law.

The Court of Cassation
The main website (also available in English) for the Court of Cassation, France's highest court of appeal. Find information on the Court's work, formations and English translations of select case law.

The French Government's main website for all legislative matters, judicial decisions, ministerial circulars and more. Translations of the main Codes are also available in a number of languages.

European Commission
The main website for the European Commission. Find full details of the Commission's work, members, Directorates General, documentation, and more.

European Court of Justice
The main website (available in all EU languages) for the European Court of Justice, General Court and Civil Service Tribunal. Find information on

European Court of Human Rights
The main website (available in English and French) for the ECHR. Find informations on hearings,upcoming and recent decisions, Council of Europe texts and more.

The main website for access to all aspects of European Union law: treaties, case law, the Official Journal of the European Union, and links to the national legislations of Member States.

Barreau de Bordeaux
Website of the Bordeaux Bar. The Barreau de Bordeaux has a long and noted history and is resolutely committed to modernity. Having almost 1,300 lawyers, it is one of the largest in France.

Ecole Nationale de la Magistrature
The main website of France's national judicial training school, located in Bordeaux

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