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Law Review: Submissions Policy

If you wish to submit an article to the Montesquieu Law Review, please read our Submissions Policy and Instructions to Authors. If you have any questions, please contact the editor-in-chief.

Important: We accept submissions in English and French; please note that submissions accepted in the latter language will be translated to and published in English.

Editors' Rights
The editor receives articles with the understanding that the contents are original, unpublished material and have not been submitted for publication elsewhere. Authors intending to republish articles, or to use previously published material as part of an article, must indicate this intention at the time they accept the invitation to publish or, in the case of unsolicited articles, at the time of submission.

The editor reserves the right to edit contributions.
The editor reserves the right to return articles unpublished if they do not meet committee standards regarding substance.

Authors' Rights
Authors shall have the opportunity to review corrections before publication, provided the articles are submitted to the editors in a timely manner.

Deadlines for standard and special issues will be announced on the Review website, and must be observed; late submissions will not be published.

Embargo Policy
Once papers have been submitted to the Montesquieu Law Review, the content of the paper is embargoed until the time and date of publication agreed. The content of the research should not be discussed or publicized to the media before the official publication date. We will endeavour to provide a mutually convenient publication date and time for authors, institutions or societies that wish to publicize their research. We ask that you contact the editor to discuss a potential press release or article and also the embargo date required. If authors have embargos on papers, for example if they are presenting their research results at a conference, we will endeavour to accommodate this in the publication process and are able to delay the publication of a paper until an embargo is lifted. Authors should include a note in the cover letter at submission, and also when returning proofs, about the embargo and the exact date and time the paper can be published.

Important Notice Regarding Compliance with these Guidelines:
If an article, following acceptance, is not in substantial compliance to these Guidelines, the editor reserves the right to return the article for revision by the author. Authors acknowledge they may be waiving their right to review proofs prior to publication if the article is returned to them for revision to bring it into conformance with the Guidelines. If revised and re-submitted in time to allow the editor to meet their publication deadline, such articles will appear in the agreed upon issue of the Journal. If such articles are not revised and re-submitted in time to allow inclusion in the agreed upon issue of the Journal, the editor may, in view of the timeliness of the theme, reserve the article for publication in a later issue of the Journal.

Technical Requirements
1.Authors must submit their texts as an email attachment to mlr@u-bordeaux.fr, saved in MS Word format.
NOTE: Authors who are not using Windows are requested to advise the editor of this at the time of submission and allow additional time for the editors to correct errors due to problems that often occur during conversion.

2. Text must be saved in a simple, non-serif font and format, i.e. without automatic hyphenation, automatic indexing of section headings, with a consistent script, with an unjustified right margin and NO activated hyperlinks or other macros.

3. If writing in English, draft the text in the UK English system of MS Word. This is important for maintaining consistent spelling and punctuation.

4. Information quoted or relied upon from other sources (published or unpublished) must be cited in footnotes.

5. Authors are solely responsible for content of both text and footnotes.

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